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Bookstore Activism Against Trump

A protest can be hundreds of thousands of people out on the street, as we saw this January, or it can be a small gesture by an individual in a small space. This morning, one bit of anti-Trump activism I’m doing is in the bookstore, where a little gesture of juxtaposition can go a long way. In a Barnes and Noble, I place a magazine cover with Adolf Hitler next to one featuring a windblown Donald Trump.

Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler on the magazine rack together feels like an important warning this morning, as the Trump White House careens out of control in the wake of revelations that Attorney General Jeff Sessions lied under oath, refusing to admit that he had twice met with Russian officials as he was working last year with the Trump for President campaign. At the same time that Sessions was meeting with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak, Russian spies working on direct orders from dictator Vladimir Putin were attacking computer networks in the USA, in line with a request made on television by Donald Trump himself. The goal of these Russian attacks was to ensure that Donald Trump would be elected, apparently to be influenced through the use of a Russian kompromat file full of juicy, blackmail-worthy secrets about Trump.

Jeff Sessions is now a criminal suspect in the very investigation he was supposed to be in charge of.

Donald Trump seems incapable of gaining a solid footing as President. His strategy of rule-by-chaos is a disaster for the nation, as many Americans are now questioning how much Trump is willing to destroy in order to help the oligarchs – in America and in Russia – who put him into power.

Last week, Trump’s top lieutenant, Steve Bannon, announced that the agenda of the Trump Administration is to destroy the US federal government from within. All the while, Donald Trump’s erratic megalomania swerves toward targets as diverse as environmental protection, international diplomacy, and native villages, at the same time that the man people are now calling the Orange Fuhrer rapidly expands the military, including a plan to build huge numbers of new nuclear weapons.

It took years, and the most terrifying war that the world has ever seen, to remove Adolf Hitler from power, as finally he killed himself in a bunker while Germany burned down around him.

There is still time for the United States to avoid this path. Congress can remove Trump from power now, through the legal mechanisms of impeachment, or we can wait, while our country suffers more and more disaster, employing the hope for the best strategy that will fail us as surely as it failed the world in the 1930s.

It’s not just the job of Congress, of course. Every day, with gestures large and small, as long as freedom lasts, ordinary citizens need to add their voices to create a nationwide roar of resistance. It’s become plain that, without us, those in power won’t lift a finger to stop the destruction.

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