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Trump Saves USA From Anti-Communist Cuban Refugee Threat In The 1970s With Executive Order Today

There have been no refugee terrorist attacks in the USA this year.

There weren’t any refugee terrorist attacks in the USA last year either, or the year before that, or the year before that, or the year before that, or the year before that…

The last time any refugee actually killed anybody in the United States in an act of terrorism was way back in the 1970s, when three anti-Communist refugees from Cuba set off some bombs in Miami, Florida, killing some political rivals as punishment for daring to suggest that the United States might be better off coming to a diplomatic relationship with the government of Cuba.

So, in response to this threat of anti-Communist terrorism in Cuban refugee community of the 1970s, Donald Trump signed an executive order today banning all refugees from entering the United States for four months, claiming that refugees pose an imminent terrorist threat.

Donald Trump has claimed that this executive order is an implementation of “rightful authority to keep our people safe”.

Trump hasn’t explained how retroactively giving political cover to the Communist regime of Fidel Castro back in the 1970s has anything to do with keeping Americans safe today, but you know how it is in the Age of Trump. Just so long as The Great Orange One says something with enthusiasm, we’re just supposed to accept that it must be true.

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