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Chicago Protest Against Jeff Sessions Today

Donald Trump may have thought that he could distract the American people with his wild tweets over the weekend, but no, people have not forgotten that the Attorney General of the United States, Jeff Sessions, has been caught lying under oath.

An increasing number of members of Congress are calling upon Jeff Sessions to resign. “I think he should resign, to protect the integrity of the agencies so that they continue to appear impartial,” says Senator Catherine Cortez Masto.

“He has to resign, because he had to have known when he testified before our committee that this question would arise, had to be prepared for it, and his false denial, I think, requires him to resign unless he has a credible explanation,” says Senator Richard Blumenthal. “I don’t know what that explanation could possibly be.”

Paul Schiff Berman, the Walter S. Cox Professor of Law at George Washington University Law School, comments, “We should all be able to agree that Sessions at a minimum did not testify truthfully and completely to Congress on a key issue of national security, and as a result he is no longer fit to be Attorney General.

It’s not just powerful politicians and hotshot academics who are demanding that Jeff Sessions resign. A popular movement rejecting the short but already thoroughly dishonest term of Jeff Sessions as the leader of the Department of Justice is forming.

This afternoon, at the federal plaza at Dearborn & Adams in Chicago, from 5:00 to 7:00 PM local time, people will gather to protest against the Jeff Session – against his lies, against his racism, against the injustices of the Justice Department under him.

America will not forget. Jeff Sessions cannot be trusted. It is time for him to resign.

March 2017 anti-Sessions protest

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