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Trump Claimed Savings On F-35, But He’s Actually Spending More

Last month, Donald Trump bragged that he saved the American people $600 million by negotiating reduced costs on the F-35 warplane.

In truth, Donald Trump had nothing to do with those reduced costs, which were negotiated by Democrats while Barack Obama was in office.

What’s more, Americans learned yesterday that Donald Trump is actually spending $1.2 billion dollars more on F-35 warplanes than was spent last year.

Yesterday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 1301, legislation that approves increases in military spending. Within this legislation is a $1.2 billion increase in spending on the F-35.

This extra spending comes in the context of revelations that the F-35 still fails to meet the specifications that were promised, has significant cost overruns, and is a danger to the pilots who fly it.

Donald Trump says that he approves the legislation and will sign it into law.

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