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Trump Putting 1,000 Soldiers Into War In Syria As He Is Caught In Lies And Coverups

Today, Trump loyalist U.S. Representative Devin Nunes was forced to concede after nearly two weeks of Republican theatrics that there was never any evidence at all to support Donald Trump’s wild accusations against Barack Obama. Trump accused Barack Obama of personally ordering Trump Tower to be wiretapped. Nunes, the chair of the House Intelligence Committee, declared today that, “clearly the president was wrong.”

Meanwhile, Republicans in the U.S. Senate are making public complaints that the Department of Justice under Jeff Sessions appears to be either covering up FBI investigations into Donald Trump’s collusion with Russian spies in attacks against the United States last year, or is failing to conduct any investigation at all. Republican Senator Charles Grassley, chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, told the Washington Post today that, “Every time they come up here for their nomination hearing . . . I ask them: ‘Are you going to answer phone calls and our letters, and are you going to give us the documents we want?’ And every time we get a real positive ‘yes!’ And then they end up being liars!”

These are Republicans, not Democrats, talking about Donald Trump and his top aides repeatedly telling lies to the American people and to Congress.

The Trump White House lies so outrageously, so often that it has no credibility left, not even with Republican politicians. No one can believe anything coming out of Donald Trump’s mouth right now, especially about foreign policy, an area strongly tainted by Trump’s possibly criminal relationship with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

Russia is now involved in the civil war in Syria. So, Americans are deeply worried to discover that Donald Trump has ordered the U.S. military to draw up plans for sending a thousand U.S. soldiers into Syria, in addition to the American military presence already in that country.

How can Americans trust the motives of Trump’s decision to escalate the war in Syria, in partnership with Russia, when Trump’s own Department of Justice refuses to give Congress vital information about Trump’s connections to Russian spies who criminally manipulated the 2016 presidential election in order to ensure Trump’s victory?

Until the investigation of his cooperation with Russian spies is complete, Donald Trump lacks the credibility necessary to lead the United States into yet another ground war in the Middle East.

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