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Donald Trump Allows Aliens To Cross Into The USA Through The Great Lakes

Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania went with Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. That’s five out of the eight Great Lakes states, but in three of these five states, the margins of victory were very low.

Wisconsin: Trump won by only 0.8 percent of the vote
Michigan: Trump won by only 0.2 percent of the vote
Pennsylvania: Trump won by only 0.7 percent of the vote

In each one of these states, if less than one percent of voters had chosen not to vote for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton would now be President of the United States.

However, with his first proposed federal budget, Donald Trump is turning his back on the Great Lakes states that delivered him the 2016 election. Last year, the Trump for President campaign pledged that Trump would support the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, but now that promise is being broken.

Donald Trump is proposing to almost completely eliminate federal funds for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

In doing so, Trump’s budget will allow huge numbers of aliens to flood across the border into the United States. That ought to alarm Republican voters, but the aliens we’re talking about here are alien invasive species of animals and plants that threaten to put the final nail in the coffin of the already devastated ecosystems Great Lakes. The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative holds back populations of invasive species in and near the Great Lakes, and cleans up pollution left behind by generations of irresponsible corporations.

Michigan Congressman John Dingell declared yesterday, “President Trump’s budget released today virtually eliminates funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, which will cause significant harm to our communities, to jobs, and to our way of life. This jeopardizes our ability to fight back against invasive species that threaten the region’s biodiversity, including the Asian carp.”

The Cleveland Plain Dealer calls Trump’s elimination of Great Lakes Restoration Initiative funds “shortsighted”. The Detroit Free Press calls them “absurd, irresponsible”. Glenna Peters of Sister Bay, Wisconsin writes that “We, here in Door County, know how important it is to have a clean and healthy Green Bay and Lake Michigan. Our local economy, recreation and quality of life depend on it. I think this is a non-partisan issue that all of us who love the beauty and health of our Great Lakes should be concerned about.”

Donald Trump doesn’t seem to care whether the Great Lakes live or die. Voters in Great Lakes states are likely to express a different opinion in the 2020 election.

Donald Trump Against The Great Lakes

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