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Devin Nunes Can’t Be Trusted, Proves America Needs Special Prosecutor To Investigate Trump And Russia

Imagine there was a criminal investigation for bank robbery, and the county sheriff was seen going straight to the home of the main suspect to tell the suspect exactly how the police investigators were seeking to gather evidence against him. The sheriff would be fired.

By his own account, U.S. Representative Devin Nunes, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, acted just like that corrupt county sheriff.

Devin Nunes was one of Donald Trump’s top supporters during the 2016 presidential election, and during the transition between Obama and Trump. Despite this stark political partnership, congressional Republicans decided that Nunes would be the best person to lead the investigation of Donald Trump’s collaboration with Russian spies who attacked the United States last year.

Today, Nunes chose partisan loyalty to Donald Trump over professional ethics. Nunes admits that when he obtained information directly related to the Committee’s investigation of Donald Trump, he took that information straight to Trump, instead of to his committee, so that Trump could begin damage control.

While Nunes was at the White House, sharing the information with Donald Trump in order to help Trump thwart the Nunes’s own investigation, Democrats in the House Intelligence Committee weren’t shown the information, and still don’t know exactly what it includes.

In order to protect Trump, Devin Nunes is withholding evidence involving Donald Trump’s communications, possibly with Russian spies, from his own committee’s investigation.

This purposeful undermining of the investigation by the House Intelligence Committee, by its own chairman, shows that the current Republican-led congressional investigations cannot be trusted. They’re a whitewash.

If he cares at all about ethics and integrity, Devin Nunes will resign now.

In his place, Congress should appoint a special prosecutor with full powers to launch a genuine investigation of ties between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin’s spies. Only with a special prosecutor can the American people trust that we know the truth about what really happened during the 2016 presidential election.

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