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What Donald Trump’s Wacky Plan For A Trip To Mars Could Pay For

This week, Donald Trump signed legislation ordering the creation of a plan to send human beings to go walk around on the barren planet of Mars. Once there, the humans would do things that a fleet of robots could do much less expensively, without risk to human life.

Space News estimates the cost of such a program at $1.5 trillion dollars.

(Does anyone want to tell us again about how Republican politicians support small government and reduced spending? I love that story.)

Here’s what the money Trump is getting ready to spend on a mission to Mars could be spent on instead:

– 2,248 years of paying for the parts of the Federal Emergency Management Agency budget that Donald Trump proposes eliminating in his budget. After all, emergencies are no big deal, right?

– 3,012 years of the USDA Water and Wastewater loan and grant program. Trump is eliminating these programs completely in his budget. You don’t need your drinking water to be clean, do you?

– 4,285 years of the ARPA-E clean energy research program. The program is terminated in Trump’s budget. Dirty energy is good enough for America, according to Trump.

– 12.5 millenia of funding for the Appalachian Regional Commission, an organization that works on economic development projects to provide jobs in 13 Appalachian states. Remember how Donald Trump said he would create jobs in Appalachia? He’s completely eliminating the job-creating Appalachian Regional Commission in his first budget.

Donald Trump is willing to sacrifice thousands of years of human need just to indulge in his fantasy of a few weeks on a dead planet. Those kinds of priorities are dangerous in an American president.

Donald Trump Mars Mission

2 thoughts on “What Donald Trump’s Wacky Plan For A Trip To Mars Could Pay For”

  1. Dave says:

    The 1.5 trillion would ultimately create … get this … jobs! The space program created thousands of well paying jobs in areas as remote as Brevard County, Florida and Montgomery, Alabama. So why not Appalachia?

    1. J Clifford says:

      Show me where there’s a company in Appalachia working on spaceship technology that’s as big as the companies in Texas and Florida, Dave.

      Is spending $1.5 trillion on getting a handful of people to Mars also going to magically help people caught in the wake of emergencies here in the United States, Dave?

      Is a trillion and a half dollar trip to Mars going to clean up contaminated drinking water in the USA?

      Is that big government program to put a few people on Mars for a short people of time going to create clean energy sources on Earth?

      The cuts that Donald Trump is making in order to play Spaceman Spiff on the planet Mars will cause serious harm across America.

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