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Devin Nunes Is Dealing Propaganda – Time For A Special Prosecutor

Sometimes, when evidence is damning, it doesn’t damn the person you were hoping it would damn.

Last week, Devin Nunes, the Republican chair of the House Intelligence Committee investigation into Donald Trump’s collusion with Russian attacks against the United States during the 2016 presidential election, selectively withheld information related to the committee’s investigation. Nunes took the information to Donald Trump in the White House, but has refused to share the information with Democrats who are part of the investigation.

What was this information? In a press conference that was big on flash and small on substance, Devin Nunes said that it was evidence that members of Donald Trump’s campaign had some of their communications legally intercepted by American intelligence agencies, while those Trump aides were talking to legitimate foreign targets of surveillance.

There was nothing in the information Nunes had to support Donald Trump’s wild claim that Barack Obama had his offices in Trump Tower wiretapped. Yet, Republican propaganda outlets like Breitbart and Fox News immediately started saying that the information from Nunes had substantiated Trump’s accusation.

Though it was all smoke and no fire, when Devin Nunes held a press conference to announce that he had taken information to Donald Trump that seemed, to those who weren’t paying close attention, to be evidence that Donald Trump had in fact been wiretapped, he succeeded in redirecting the attention of many journalists away from the revelation that Paul Manafort, the longtime chairman of the Trump for President campaign, had been paid millions of dollars by a proxy of Vladimir Putin to engage in a long-term, open-ended effort to promote the political interests of Putin.

Yesterday, America learned just how much of a partisan propaganda move the maneuver by Devin Nunes really was. It turns out that the information Devin Nunes pretended to need to take to the White House was in fact given to him on the White House grounds at a location that would have required approval from senior Trump Administration officials for Devin Nunes to enter.

It looks like Donald Trump and his aides gave Devin Nunes material at the White House that Nunes could then use to make a big display of needing to go to the White House to tell the President about.

As chair of the Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Donald Trump’s collusion with Vladimir Putin’s attacks against the USA, Devin Nunes is supposed to be acting as a neutral judge of the evidence that is found. Instead, Devin Nunes is working with Donald Trump to try to undermine the investigation, and is lying to members of the investigation in order to do it.

Given what we all know now about these political maneuvers on behalf of Trump, there is no way that Devin Nunes can run a credible investigation into Donald Trump’s part in the Russian attack last year. So, Adam Schaffer, the ranking minority member of the House Intelligence Committee, has asked Nunes to recuse himself from the investigation.

For Nunes to step down would be an important first step, but what then? Who among the Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee can now be trusted to run an unbiased investigation, given that they have been so happy to go along with the charade run by Devin Nunes?

The only investigation into Trump and Russia that can be trusted now is one conducted by an independent special prosecutor. Anything less is a whitewash.

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