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Indivisible: We Sing. We Plot. We Plan. We Act.

Lately, I’ve been active as a member of Midcoast Maine Indivisible, a group that has independently organized to use the general strategy of the Indivisible Guide to resist the Trump Agenda in Maine. Specifically, we’re placing pressure on our members of Congress to resist the Trump agenda — and, if they won’t respond to that pressure — to find members of Congress who will.

This rough-cut video is a rough-cut recording of Midcoast Maine Indivisible as we practice MILCK’s song “Quiet” for an April 8, 2017 Sing-In on the Village Green in Camden, Maine — a local part of the global #ICANTKEEPQUIET day around the world.

The song “I Can’t Keep Quiet” has become an anthem for a significant portion of the Resistance movement because it sums up a moment in so many lives of suffering, of indignity, of a feeling of victimhood… and then that decision that regardless of what others think of us, we can’t keep quiet any more. We have to talk about our lives. We have to talk about the politics of the nation. And we have to talk about how the two connect. And if people get upset or call that “uncivil”? Well, tough.

The thing is that in the Indivisible movement, we don’t just sing. We educate ourselves. We self-organize. We plot. We contact our members of Congress. And when they don’t listen, we protest. We act, and that action is the center. Feeling better about our lives is not enough. Finding a centered place among our friends is not enough. When we sing, when we talk, when we meet, these pieces must all be integrated into action. In your own community, you cannot afford to sit on the sidelines any longer. Don’t be quiet, but more than that, don’t be still. Speak. Sing. Plot. Plan. Then act.

One thought on “Indivisible: We Sing. We Plot. We Plan. We Act.”

  1. Juniper says:

    We will do what we can, but it does seem that there are many barriers in our Way, including a lot of powerful people determined to keep things as they are.

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