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Rural Farm Workers Rise Up Against Trump Policies In Marches Today

At 10:00 AM this morning in Oxnard, California, members of United Farm Workers will meet at 937 Cooper Road to begin a march in opposition to Donald Trump’s plans to deport millions of people, mostly Hispanic, out of the United States. Hispanics make up the bulk of farm workers in the Southwest, where Cesar Chavez organized farm workers against exploitation decades ago. Chavez was born 90 years ago last Friday.

At the very same time that workers in Oxnard are on the march, other rural communities in California will witness similar protests. In Coachella, protesters will meet at the corner of Harrison Street and Avenue 50. In Salinas, demonstrators will gather at 250 North Madeira Street. In Santa Rosa, the march will begin at 777 Sebastopol Road.

Later in the day, similar rural anti-Trump protests will take place in Livingston, Delano, Madera, and also up in Sunnyside, Washington. In San Jose, people will gather to protest in solidarity with farm workers at 10:00 AM in Roosevelt Park.

More details about these protests can be found at United Farm Workers, which explains why today’s demonstrations matter: “Rural and agricultural counties voted heavily for Trump during last year’s presidential election. But field laborers whose toil supplies fresh fruits and vegetables to America and much of the world will be marching against the Trump immigration agenda… Farm workers who are undocumented or have family members without legal papers express genuine fear over Trump plans to target all undocumented immigrants for deportation. Yet thousands of them will nevertheless mobilize to resist threats from the new administration.”

It takes real guts to get out on the streets and march, knowing that you might be kicked out of the country for doing so. Those of us who have the privilege of protection from deportation should join these courageous protesters, and get out on the streets.

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