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Amended GOP Plan To Undermine Health Care Would Increase Costs While Reducing Coverage

A couple of weeks ago, efforts to pass the American Health Care Act, Republican legislation that would weaken the Affordable Care Act, fell apart dramatically, as Paul Ryan was forced to withdraw the bill shortly before it could be voted down by the House of Representatives.

Today, Republicans in Congress announced that, with the help of Vice President Mike Pence, the attempt to reduce health care has been resurrected. In order to pass the legislation, Republican Party leaders are attempting to appeal to right wing extremists who believe that providing health care to poor people is a waste of time. So, the new version of the Republican bill to reduce health care will be even more draconian than before.

Before, the American Health Care Act would have increased the cost health insurance premiums across the board and resulted in lost health care coverage for over 20 million Americans. This legislation was a direct violation of the campaign promise by Donald Trump bragging that his plan to replace the Affordable Care Act would provide coverage for all Americans.

The proposals now being negotiated amongst Republicans in Congress go even further in weakening health care in the United States. In addition to the previous provisions to undermine access to medical care, the new version of the Republican plan would allow insurance companies to refuse to provide any coverage at all to a wide range of conditions. What’s more, insurance companies would also be allowed to charge dramatically higher premiums to Americans with pre-existing conditions, essentially pricing most people with medical conditions out of the health insurance market.

The Republican plan is to ensure that almost no one who really needs health insurance can afford to have it. They call this increasing “choice”: Choose to pay through the nose, or choose to die.

2 thoughts on “Amended GOP Plan To Undermine Health Care Would Increase Costs While Reducing Coverage”

  1. John McCully says:

    I am watching this president from the safety of the UK. He and his supporters are trying to undermine everything that is good in America. I trust that the American electorate will overwhelmingly reject any attempt to gain a second term in office and hopefully think very carefully before voting for anyone vaguely like him ever again.

    1. J Clifford says:

      John, keep in mind that a majority of voters stood against Donald Trump in 2016. We are looking ahead to 2020, but also to congressional elections in 2018, and to the impeachment of Trump, possibly before then.

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