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Two Weeks, Three Protests in Midcoast Maine: This is What Trump has Provoked

Midcoast Maine is a culturally-conservative place. Women of a certain age tend not to dye their hair. Men and women of almost any age dress in subdued tones of brown, green, black, and gray. People hold back their emotions here. Residents of the small towns here are not quick to rile up.

Three Protests in Midcoast Maine in Three Weeks -- this signifies some really upset people in America.So when that same Midcoast Maine features not one, not two, but three protests in the next two weeks, you know that something special has been aroused.

At 11 AM on April 8 on the Camden Village Green, locals will gather for a Sing-In of “I Can’t Keep Quiet” as part of an international day in which protesters sing this song, capture it on video, and create a global event of NOT putting up with it any more.

At 2 PM on April 15, twenty minutes down the road in downtown Thomaston, folks will gather in a “tax march” to demand that Donald Trump do what every modern president has done: release his tax returns.

Then at 6:30 PM on April 20, citizens from across the Midcoast Maine region will gather at Watts Hall to hold a Listening Town Hall to which Senator Susan Collins has been invited.  Senator Collins has informed many Mainers many times over that she has no intention of listening to any publicly assembled groups of her constituents.  The funny thing is, she seems to love going to public forums all around the nation and the world — just not in her own state, just not with the actual people she was elected to represent.

Three actions, two weeks.  That’s not how Maine usually rolls.  If I were a partisan Republican, I would not be feeling very comfortable right now.  And I’d know it was my own damned fault.

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