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When They Kill Civilians, When We Kill Civilians

When he was a presidential candidate, Donald Trump boasted that if he were elected, “I would bomb the shit out of them!”

Now, Donald Trump is President. Here is a photograph of one of the people he has bombed the shit out of.

toddler terrorist killed by USA

Her name is Amina Al-Mufdi. She was killed in a bombing – what the military would prefer we call an “air strike” – of the Al-Bado neighborhood near Raqqah in Syria. The “Coalition” led by the United States reported bombing neighborhoods near Raqqah 26 times just in the three days before, during, and after the death of Amina Al-Mufdi.

Donald Trump says that these bombings by the United States military are in our “vital national interest” because the United States is under threat by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

Amina Al-Mufdi was a toddler. She wasn’t a terrorist. Her death was not in the vital national interest of any country.

There has not been one single terrorist attack anywhere in the United States this year.

As of last month, there were 1,000 separate incidents in which the United States and its allies were credibly identified as bombing civilians in Iraq and Syria as part of the crusade against the Islamic State.

Last week, Donald Trump ordered the bombing of an air force base in Syria because the government of Syria is believed to have conducted an attack that killed 90 civilians, including, Trump said, “beautiful babies”.

Was Amina Al-Mufdi not a beautiful baby?

Last month, alone, the United States is credibly reported to have killed 477 civilians in Iraq and Syria.

Would Russia be justified in bombing an air force base in the United States because of these civilian deaths?

There are so many people killing civilians in Iraq and Syria, it’s not always easy to tell who is killing which civilians. There’s good reason to believe that that United States killed Amina Al-Mufdi, but maybe it was Russia. Maybe it was the Syrian government. Maybe it was civilian rebels.

It’s a sign of how far down the path of savagery the United States has gone that our military’s actions are now mixed indiscriminately with these other violent groups.

When we’ve bombed civilians over 1,000 times, the United States has gone far beyond the line where it can credibly claim that the deaths are accidental, and we have no more credibility when we claim that civilian casualties caused by others justifies our own violence.

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