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Share Your Trump Tax March Story

Today, I went to one of the hundreds of tax marches held around the country to demand that Donald Trump do like every president in modern history has done and release his tax returns.  The town where I went, Thomaston Maine, is a small town nestled among other small towns, and yet 238 people showed up to protest.

Thomaston Tax MarchWe started out by the old Billy’s Tavern that had shut down, assembling to sing an updated version of the old Woody Guthrie classic protest song, “Put it On the Ground,” changing the lyrics to reflect the call for Trump’s tax returns. Then we marched down to the Thomaston Public Library and around to Main Street, where our chants reverberated off the old downtown storefronts. It being a rural area, there were many friends to be found and we egged each other on in good cheer.

Did you head out to a tax march today? If so, what was it like where you were?

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