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There Is No Crisis In North Korea

Over the last week, TV news has been saturated with images of threat in North Korea. CNN and Fox News declare that there is a “North Korea crisis”, while showing North Korean military parades and breathlessly reporting on a North Korean missile test.

There is a mood of desperate urgency about North Korea among American journalists, without a single television channel or newspaper willing to state what would be obvious to an objective observer. There is no crisis between North Korea and the United States. If a genuine crisis between the two nations develops, it will be a manufactured one.

Without any unusual provocation from North Korea, the Trump White House began to talk loudly about the danger posed by the dictatorship, and sent a great big military boat that didn’t have anything else to do close to North Korean waters. Vice President Mike Pence flew over to South Korea to appear resolute and to issue warnings that North Korea had better not provoke the United States. Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s aides began to send out signals that the United States just might engage in a “preemptive strike” against North Korea.

What’s causing such a hubbub?

North Korea is working on some nuclear weapons, just as it has been for years and years. North Korea is conducting missile tests, just as it has been for years and years.

The latest missile test in North Korea was a pathetic failure, with the missile exploding on the launch pad, showing how incapable North Korea is of developing an actual threat against the United States. North Korea is impoverished, isolated, and weak. It has spent generations rattling its old rusty sabres with no violence resulting.

In the meantime, the United States is developing new nuclear weapons designed to kill even more civilians than can be killed by the current immense US arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. Unlike the tests in North Korea, nuclear weapons delivery tests in the United States are on target, creating frightening glee among America’s engineers of death. The Hill quotes Anna Schauer, the director of the Stockpile Resource Center at the Sandia National Laboratories, which is conducting tests that will enable the first of many new nuclear weapons to be built and ready for use within two to three years, as saying, “It’s great to see things all come together: the weapon design, the test preparation, the aircraft, the range and the people who made it happen.”

No one should be so jolly about the development of weapons designed to kill millions of civilians in a single blow.

While the United States prepares such weapons for use against countries like North Korea, there is no excuse for the manufacture of a fake crisis centered around North Korea’s miserable failure to create its own tiny arsenal in imitation.

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