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What Counts As Egregious Abuse For Trump and His Republicans

Today, Republican President Donald Trump expressed outrage against “egregious abuse”. What egregious abuse was he talking about?

Was it bribery of public officials? No. Donald Trump and his Republican supporters are just fine with that.

Was it collusion with agents of a foreign adversary seeking to undermine the very foundations of American democracy? No. Donald Trump and his Republican supporters have no problem with that.

Was it torture of prisoners? Bombing civilians? Giving special favors to wealthy families and powerful business interests? Putting corporate lobbyists in control of the federal government? Lying to the American people? Taking medical care away from people who need it? Deficit spending? Extending the debt ceiling? No. Donald Trump and his Republican supporters favor all those things.

What Donald Trump thought was “egregious abuse” were America’s national monuments. Trump and his Republican supporters believe it’s “egregious abuse” to set aside a fraction of public lands aside to be protected from commercial exploitation and destruction. They think it’s “egregious abuse” for land that has been publicly owned for as long as it’s been part of the United States to be protected so that all Americans can enjoy it, instead of allowing a few people to ruin it for everyone else.

That’s insane. What’s even more crazy is that Republicans claim that the executive order Donald Trump signed today is part of “returning power back to the people”, but sets up a review process on the destruction of national monuments that is so rapid and exclusive to political and corporate elites that it shuts out authentic citizen involvement. The review of all the national monuments created under the last three presidencies will be completed in only 120 days by the Department of the Interior, without adequate opportunity for public input.

America’s national monuments are soon to be wrecked with oil drilling, strip mining, and other abusive commercial exploitation that will bring profits to a tiny number of people at the expense of our national heritage. That’s what an egregious abuse looks like.

Donald Trump attacks national parks

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