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16 Year-Long War In Afghanistan Still Killing Americans

This morning, The US military announced that two more American soldiers were killed in fighting in Afghanistan. It has been 16 years since the war in Afghanistan began. Americans are still fighting, killing, and die in Afghanistan. An end to the war isn’t any closer now than it was at the end of 2001.

The military has had 16 years and three different presidents as Commander-In-Chief to get this right. War has been an ineffective tool for bringing peace, democracy, and security there.

Yesterday, congressman Joe Wilson announced that Donald Trump has, “taken strong action to win the global war on terrorism by destroying ISIL-controlled tunnels in Afghanistan.” In reality, we know that one bomb cannot win a war. It doesn’t even come close. The United States has been bombing Afghanistan for decades now. No one in the US military, or in the Trump ministration, even has a realistic plan for how to end the war there. They merely seek to continue the same failed military policy that has kept us there for years and years, losing treasure and human lives.

The disaster in Afghanistan demonstrates with each life lost that war does not work. To get ourselves out of this mess, we need to reimagine what the conflict means, and step away from the counter-effective tactics of armed conflict. Instead of further expanding the Pentagon’s already bloated budget, we need to rein the military back to its fundamental task of providing defense against foreign invasion, and increase funding for new programs to foster peace, democracy, and security through nonviolent means.

Sadly, no one in the Trump Administration or the Republican majority in Congress seems to have the insight necessary for such a course correction. As death follows death, they can only imagine more of the same.

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