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156 On a Bridge: 2017 Climate Rally in Damariscotta & Newcastle, Maine

It wasn’t Washington, DC. In DC, they filled up Pennsylvania Avenue, all the way from the Capitol Building to the White House. It wasn’t New York City or Chicago or Los Angeles either — all cities where the 2017 Climate March saw huge crowds demonstrating for attention to alarming ecological shifts around the globe.

On the bridge between Damariscotta and Newcastle, Maine, it was “only” 156 people who turned out to demonstrate. But I put “only” in quotes because these are towns with populations of just a couple of thousand people each. For 156 people to come together on the bridge between the two towns is a fairly big deal, a turnout of a rate much higher than that for New York City or DC.

I stayed home for a local climate march — really a rally here, considering that we stayed on the bridge — and feel like I had a greater marginal impact. 1/156 > 1/200,000. Here’s what the rally looked like from where I stood:

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