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Under Donald Trump, Religion Becomes An Excuse To Discriminate

Religious folks love to bend our ears, preaching about how their organizations bring people a morally superior way of life. Under Donald Trump, however, religion is becoming a legal haven for people who are determined to withhold compassion, deny service, fire from employment and otherwise discriminate.

Tomorrow, Donald Trump is scheduled to sign an executive order that gives organizations broad exemptions from anti-discrimination laws, just so long as the organizations use religious belief as an excuse for the discrimination. Among other things, the order will allow companies to fire workers who aren’t heterosexual – for no other reason than their sexual identity.

Religious groups are celebrating the executive order, because it will grant them the power to do wrong to groups of people they don’t like. They call this “religious liberty”.

What they aren’t taking into account is that the more religious groups loudly support harsh programs of discrimination, the more firmly they will secure the reputation of religion as a source of cruelty, rather than compassion. Increasing numbers of Americans are choosing to stay away from religion, and actions like tomorrow’s executive order will only accelerate that trend.

Religious Discrimination

One thought on “Under Donald Trump, Religion Becomes An Excuse To Discriminate”

  1. Al Hopfmann says:

    Discrimination, as the term is generally used today, is much narrower than its literal meaning. For example, choosing to plant yellow tulips in your flower garden instead of red tulips, or choosing to buy one brand of bear instead of another, is certainly discriminating, but clearly not something inherently evil like racial discrimination.
    Using the term in its presently understood negative context, it should be noted that governments are the biggest offenders when it comes to discrimination. No child should be forced to go to a particular public school BECAUSE of their skin color, nor should a potential college student be denied admission because of (presumed) race or ethnicity. No person applying for a license or permit from government should be required to list their (presumed) race, skin color or ethnicity on the application forms. Nor should census forms list such categorizations.
    It is government that has the power and potential use of force to mandate these things, not religions. While we should be concerned about occurrences of racial or other negative discrimination by religious organizations, we should be far more concerned about the history and present transgressions of government in this realm.

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