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Eugene Patilio, Yet Another Green Party Joke For 2020

Yesterday, I wrote about the sad state of the Green Party’s prospective slate for the 2020 election. I mentioned that the only registered Green Party presidential candidate right now is the fictional character Jennifer Walters, also known as She-Hulk in Marvel comics.

There is one other national Green candidate for 2020, though he’s not running for President: Eugene Patilio. Patilio has no online presence, and hasn’t been in the news, so I didn’t bother to investigate him any further. I merely wrote, “The only other Green Party candidate for the White House in the 2020 election is Eugene Patilio, who registered a month ago to campaign for Vice President in 2020 – not President.”

This morning, a curious reader asked for more information about him. What I found out only confirms the status of the Green Party as a joke of a political party. It turns out that, like Jennifer Walters, Eugene Patilio is a fictional character from the Marvel universe: A clumsy semi-hero who dresses up as Frog-Man.

eugene patilio for vice presidentEugene Patilio is such a minor character that Marvel Comics can’t even keep the spelling of his last name straight, sometimes referring to him as “Eugene Patillo”.

But, like She-Hulk, Frog-Man is green. Apparently, that’s about all that it takes for a fictional character to be registered as a Green Party candidate for the White House. If the party had any momentum left, genuine Green politicians would drown out this nonsense. Instead, after years of ineffectual dissent, corrupted through association with Vladimir Putin, the faint stain of these lame jokes is all that’s left of the progressive alternative to the Democratic Party.

2 thoughts on “Eugene Patilio, Yet Another Green Party Joke For 2020”

  1. Eugene Patilio says:

    Thank you so much for your fabulous press coverage! I was hoppy to see it! I feel deeply honored that Jennifer Walters agreed to accept me as her vice presidential hopping mate for the 2020 election, after her top eighty choices turned her down. I look forward to a ribbitting campaign!

    Ms. Walters is a high-powered attorney who has saved the world on numerous occasions, negotiated interplanetary treaties, and secured political asylum for a high profile political refugee from the repressive dictatorship of Latveria. She has been an outspoken advocate for the civil rights of aliens, mutants, and androids. We both oppose realist discrimination against imaginary people. Did you know that in the history of this Earth, every person who has held office as either President or Vice President of the United States has been a real person? Regardless of how difficult it may be to believe that top American political leaders are for real, none of them have been imaginary people!

    Jennifer Walters and I do have a political presence on the internet. Following are links to our campaign pages.

    Jennifer Walters for President:

    Eugene Patilio for Vice President:

    Best wishes to you!

    Eugene Patilio (with two letters “I” and one T)
    Walters/Patilio 2020

    1. J Clifford says:

      “Eugene”, you’ve got a political presence on Facebook. That’s not what I’d consider a real internet presence, but there I go, letting my real world bias show.

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