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Trump Fascism Hiding In The Bushes

Yesterday, interactions between journalists and the Trump Administration hit a new low, as Trump’s advisors went to extremes to try to paper over the crisis provoked by Donald Trump’s sudden firing of FBI Director James Comey.

The absurdity began within the White House itself, as Trump aides quickly turned against each other, feeding journalists stories about Trump’s disintegrating mental health. Trump has been screaming at his television set when he sees reporting about his collusion with Russian attacks against the United States in 2016. Then, outside the Oval Office, Press Secretary Sean Spicer tried to avoid answering journalists’ questions about the firing of Comey, first by hiding in the bushes, then by telling White House reporters that he would only answer their questions if they promised to turn off all the lights first, so that they could not see his face as he spoke.

In this bizarre behavior, Trump aides exhibited the kind of strange actions typical of people trying to serve a mentally unhinged fascist despot. The growing fascist tone of the White House’s interactions with journalists became more sinister, however, when reporter Dan Heyman was arrested at an event in West Virginia. The reason: He asked Tom Price, Trump’s Secretary of Health and Human Services, too many questions.

This morning, after a long night during which White House aides had the time to map out a less outrageous approach, Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway continued the authoritarian circus, telling a journalist that it was “inappropriate” of reporters to question what Donald Trump does.

It’s normal for governmental officials to occasionally get a little testy in their interactions with reporters. For officials in the government to declare that the President is beyond question, to have reporters arrested for asking questions, and to hide in the bushes or in the shadows to avoid questions is not normal. It’s the type of autocratic absurdity that takes place under a fascist regime.

A crowd of citizens is gathering outside the White House right now. They’re protesting in demand of an independent special prosecutor to investigate Donald Trump’s role in the Russian attack against the United States. Will you join them?

White House protest May 10 2017

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