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Trump Gave Classified Information To Russians

Donald Trump appears to be purposefully testing his Republican followers to see just how far they are willing to go in the name of party loyalty.

This afternoon, it was revealed that last week, Donald Trump gave the Russian government some of the most classified information that is in his possession.

The information was so classified that American allies are not allowed to see it. Most people within the U.S. government’s spy agencies are not allowed to see it. Yet, in a closed meeting that Donald Trump refused to allow American journalists to witness, Trump handed over these top secrets to Russian Foreign Minister Foreign Sergei Lavrov and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

The secrets that Donald Trump gave to the Russians included information that identifies U.S. intelligence sources in Syria, putting these people at risk of assassination.

This meeting with Lavrov and Kislyak came almost immediately after Trump fired the Director of the FBI, later admitting that he did so in order to thwart the investigation of the involvement of Trump and his campaign in the Russian attack against the United States last year. Among the actions being investigated are meetings that members of the Trump campaign held in secret with Sergey Kislyak. One of the Trump campaign aides who met repeatedly with Kislyak was Jeff Sessions, who was involved last week, as Attorney General of the United States, in the decision to fire the FBI Director.

The news that Trump gave the Russians the classified identities of U.S. intelligence sources in Syria came just hours after it was announced that the government of Syria has been operating a crematorium to dispose of the bodies of its murdered enemies. The Russian government is an ally of the government of Syria.

It’s possible that people in Syria who have been working for the United States will end up in that crematorium because of what Donald Trump has done.

How, after this has been revealed, can Republicans still say with a straight face that there doesn’t need to be an independent commission and a special prosecutor to investigate Donald Trump’s collaboration with Russia?

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