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Republicans In Congress Refusing To Confront Trump On Divulging Secrets To Russia

Yesterday, it was revealed that Donald Trump, the President of the United States, gave the Russian government highly classified information that endangers American sources in Syria.

Last year, Republicans were chanting “Lock her up!” simply because Hillary Clinton stored a few low-level classified documents on an email server that could have been hacked, but wasn’t.

So, what are Republicans in Congress saying about Donald Trump’s purposeful delivery of beyond-top-secret classified information to the Russian dictatorship of Vladimir Putin?

U.S. Representative Tom Reed’s most recent tweet is about a visit to a beer house.

U.S. Representative Kevin Brady’s most recent tweet promotes the idea of tax cuts for the rich.

U.S. Representative Peter Roskam’s most recent tweet brags about meeting with a co-valedictorian at a local high school.

U.S. Representative Pat Tiberi most recent tweet cheers that Obamacare is falling apart.

U.S. Representative Jason Chaffetz bragged about being on local television.

Senator Jim Inhofe posted a message about highway funding.

Senator Marco Rubio put up a statement on his web site announcing that high school students could now apply to military academies.

Senator Ted Cruz retweeted a comment from Larry Kudlow calling Cruz “collegial, ecumenical, charming” and “brilliant”.

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