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Trump Ally Michael Flynn Takes The 5th Against Self-Incrimination

Republican politicians have largely responded to the rapidly growing pile of evidence, much of it self-incrimination,

Congressman Tom Reed, for example, began last week insisting that there was no need for a special counsel to investigate criminal collusion with Russian attacks against the United States by Donald Trump and his presidential campaign. He ended the week by refusing to confront the troubling evidence against Trump, telling a reporter that he shouldn’t be expected to respond to questions. “It is not fair to respond to hypotheticals,” Reed said.

The case against Donald Trump and his top advisers isn’t very hypothetical any more, however. This morning, just hours after Donald Trump found emotional solace in Saudi Arabia by joining royalty there in dancing with a sword and placing his hands on a glowing orb, it has been revealed that Michael Flynn is refusing to answer a subpoena from the Senate Intelligence Committee demanding testimony about his role in the Russian attacks that aimed to distort the 2016 presidential election in order to put Trump in the White House. Flynn is invoking the 5th amendment, which guarantees that people can never be forced to provide testimony that would reveal that they are guilty of a crime.

It’s Flynn’s legal right to invoke the 5th amendment. However, in doing so, he is making it plain that members of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, and of his White House, knowingly committed serious crimes.

We learned on Friday that a person of interest in the FBI’s investigation of Trump is Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s consigliere and son-in-law. Flynn and Kushner were as thick as thieves in the collaboration of the Trump for President campaign with Russian spies, even going to a meeting together with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, and trying to keep that meeting secret from the public.

Those Republican politicians like Tom Reed who refuse to hold Donald Trump and his cronies accountable should realize that it’s too late for them to save their own skins simply by pretending that there’s nothing going on. The longer they deny the need to seriously investigate the Trump-Russia coverup, the more they make themselves appear guilty by association.

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