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Challenge: Provide Evidence That Seth Rich Sent Emails To Wikileaks

As evidence that Donald Trump has been trying to obstruct investigations into his involvement in Russian attacks against the United States in 2016 continues to grow, the Russian government is spreading a conspiracy theory designed to perpetuate Trump supporters’ faith in their stumbling leader.

Twitter Russian propagandaA couple of days ago, the Russian Embassy in London spread a message on Twitter showing a blood-red image of Hillary Clinton’s face in the background of a picture of Seth Rich, with the question, “Who killed Seth Rich?” Accompanying this image was this message from the Russian government: “Seth Rich murdered in the U.S., but MSM was so busy accusing Russian hackers to take notice.”

Ask a Trump supporter these days how on earth they can continue to believe anything that Donald Trump says, and you’re like to hear the name of Seth Rich. With the help of far-out conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who claims that Hillary Clinton is literally a demon from Hell, Republicans like Newt Gingrich are spreading the story that Seth Rich an aide at the DNC, not Russian hackers, gave Wikileaks a huge number of emails revealing dirty laundry about Hillary Clinton and other Democrats.

It would be kind of funny that the Russian government expects Americans to accept its complaints about the mainstream media (MSM), when the Russian government itself controls its own mainstream media, including Russian propaganda TV network RT, which paid Trump’s former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn to make an appearance alongside Vladimir Putin. The trouble is that large numbers of Republican voters are swallowing the Russian propaganda hook, line, and sinker.

So far, the only evidence that Seth Rich, and not the Russians, was the source of attacks against Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party is a statement made by private investigator Rod Wheeler. Wheeler, when confronted by reporters, retracted his claim that he had evidence that Seth Rich had sent tens of thousands of documents from the DNC to Wikileaks. The Rich family, who hired Wheeler, say they have never seen any evidence that Seth Rich sent anything to Wikileaks.

We here at Irregular Times are anything but mainstream. So, here’s our challenge: If you have evidence that Seth Rich, and not the Russian government, was the source of hacked information about Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, share that evidence with us here.

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