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Republican Congress Allows Poisons to Be Sprayed Near Drinking Water Without Oversight

With journalists focusing their attention on whether Melania Trump swatted away the hand of her husband in public, you probably missed this other story: Congress just passed a law that allows businesses to spray highly toxic pesticides, without the need to apply for any permit, right next to rivers and lakes that are used as sources of drinking water.

Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed H.R 953, legislation that the Natural Resources Defense Council refers to as the Poison our Waters Act. Only one Republican, Brian Fitzpatrick, crossed the aisle to vote against the bill. Two amendments, one which sought to preserve clean water protections, and another that would have retained protections for waterways used by fishermen, were voted down by the Republicans.

The pesticides that can now be spread into America’s rivers and lakes without meaningful restraint include substances such as chlorpyrifos, which blocks the development of children’s brains even if it is present only in tiny amounts. H.R. 953 dismantles a Clean Water Act process that allowed local communities to be warned when highly toxic substances entered into the water supply.

Now, Americans will have no warning fish in, swim in, and drink water that contains poisons. Is that making American great again?

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