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It’s Memorial Day, So Remember Already.

Remember that Donald Trump said his campaign had no contact with Russia at all, when in fact, most of his top campaign advisers were repeatedly meeting with members of the Russian government while the Russians were attacking the United States with the goal of making Donald Trump President.

Remember that Donald Trump’s own son-in-law went to the Russian embassy and asked for a secure line of direct communication between Donald Trump’s advisors and the Kremlin that would remain secret from the American public and concealed from US law enforcement and spy agencies. Remember that Jared Kushner and Donald Trump lied about this request, claiming that it never happened.

Remember that Attorney General Jeff Sessions lied to the United States Senate when he testified under oath that he had not met with representatives of the Russian government during the 2016 campaign, and falsified information on his background documents in order to cover up his Russian connections.

Remember that Donald Trump has handed over above-top-secret classified government secrets to Russian officials, in a meeting he would not allow American reporters to observe, the day after he fired the Director of the FBI in order to obstruct the investigation into his collusion with Russia.

Remember that Donald Trump is under investigation FinCEN at the Treasury Department, for laundering money from organized crime sources that may include the Russian mob.

Remember that the Trump for President campaign is under investigation for taking money from the Russian government during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Remember that Oleg Deripaska, a businessman with ties to both Donald Trump and the government of Russia, has made an offer to Congress to provide evidence against Trump to Congress in exchange for criminal immunity for himself.

Remember that there is a dossier from a former MI6 agent, with some independently corroborated information, detailing how Donald Trump was repeatedly blackmailed by the government of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, and became a source for Russian spy agencies years ago.

Remember that Michael Flynn, a top Trump adviser in the 2016 presidential campaign and early Trump Administration, was working as an agent for an autocratic foreign government while helping to run the Trump political machine, and took money in exchange for appearing in public with Vladimir Putin, before secretly meeting with Russian government officials multiple times during 2016.

Remember that Donald Trump lost the popular vote, and only won the Electoral College with a thin majority in several states. Without Russian meddling on his behalf, Donald Trump wouldn’t be Presaident.

Donald Trump’s connections with the dictatorship controlling Russia have been dense, deceptive, and developed over many years.

There is too much evidence, with too many clumsy attempts at cover-ups, exposing too many lies from the Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and the rest of the Trump Administration, for any honest American to ignore.

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