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Preacher From Illinois Resolves The Debate Over Whether African-Americans Still Face Racism

It’s become a favorite argument of right wing activists: Racism doesn’t exist any more. They claim that African-Americans don’t face any prejudice any more, but are just trying to get special unfair advantages over everybody else by claiming to be victims of racism.

The trouble with these arguments is that they are almost always accompanied by extreme racist comments. Right wingers just can’t seem to help themselves, given the opportunity to say something cruel.

So it is with Keith Gomez of the Northwest Bible Baptist Church in Elgin, Illinois. Gomez was giving a sermon when he declared how lucky African-Americans are that their ancestors were brought out of Africa to the United States where “we’re civilized and we’re advanced”. Gomez said that, “If it wasn’t for slavery, those folks would still be in Africa with a bone in their nose fighting lions, and if you don’t like that, you can lump it any way you want. That ain’t a prejudice. That is factual and historical.”

Apparently, Gomez believes that it’s the hallmark of a civilized and advanced nation to tell people that they’re lucky their ancestors were forced into generations of slavery.

Gomez isn’t alone. Right now, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is led by Ben Carson, a right wing activist who believes that slaves came to America hoping that their descendants would seek prosperity in this “land of dreams and opportunity”.

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