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What Is A Covfefe?

Last night, Donald Trump posted the following comment onto his Twitter feed:

“Despite the constant negative press covfefe”

What is a covfefe?

Is it a nice comfy blanket that you put at the bottom of your bed in case things get cold in the night?

Is it a kind of cracker the Germans have with their tea?

Does it have anything to do with that strange green frog American Nazis seem to be so fond of?

Perhaps it’s a fast car with a lisp.

Perhaps a covfefe is a gathering of fashionably dressed Wiccans.

Could it be a new sexual maneuver?

Is it a strange new thing that the French have added to the toilet?

Maybe a covfefe is that stuff that gathers in the corners of your eyes before you go to sleep at night, making it difficult to see even the crisp clean lines of the keyboard on the Twitter app on your private cell phone, the number of which you appear to have been giving out to foreign leaders, potentially sending classified information through unsecured lines.

Does anyone out there know what a covfefe is?

4 thoughts on “What Is A Covfefe?”

  1. Al Hopfmann says:

    I still don’t know what a “meme” is. At first I thought that a “selfie” was a misspelling of “shellfie” ( a little shelf?). And for years I wondered why “Ped Xing” road signs were showing up in residential areas that had practically zero Vietnamese populations.
    I suppose I need to talk more with snowflakes or actually listen to the ditzes on the TV news.
    Since Trump was talking about “negative press”, which often equates to “fake news”, perhaps he meant to say “kayfabe”, a word that professional wrestlers use as code for their acknowledgement that their sport is staged. Remember when his hair was at risk in the kayfabe event with Vince McMahon?

    1. J Clifford says:

      So, Al, you don’t see a problem with the President of the United States releasing statements about White House policies when he’s so tired that he can’t even spell a simple word correctly? This isn’t just somebody’s crazy uncle. This is the President of the United States, speaking nonsense, without any aides to help him in crafting his message.

      What happens when Donald Trump gets a kind of late night, tired brain, crazy idea and just shoots out a statement without a filter, or without anyone to help him refine the idea, or even to check that his assumptions are accurate?

      Covfefe is a one-word expression of every nonsense idea that comes straight out of the mind of Donald Trump and is inflicted on the world without any restraint, either from self-control of his impulses, or from wise counsel in the White House.

      Covfefe is a word that describes the vulnerability of the entire world to the erratic, unhinged impulses of Donald Trump.

      The White House is not a professional wrestling ring.

      Your own ignorance is not an acceptable standard for the President of the United States, Al.

      1. Al Hopfmann says:

        I never said that I don’t see a problem with Trump, nor with Obama, Clinton, Bush, or the other bad presidents. Perhaps the bigger problem exposed here is that many people who use the term “your own ignorance” when challenging credibility don’t grasp the concept of sarcasm.

        1. J Clifford says:

          Here’s the thing, Al: You come on here quite frequently defending extremist right wing ideology. You also minimize Donald Trump’s actions by lumping him in with previous “other bad presidents”. Donald Trump is on a completely different order than any previous president – even George W. Bush. Comparing him to Barack Obama is absurd.

          So, when you make a loopy statement like what you’ve typed out here, there’s no reason for us to interpret it as sarcasm.

          I grasp the concept of sarcasm.

          Your thinking isn’t clear enough to be interpreted as sarcasm.

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