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Donald Trump Is An Environmentalist? Here’s How We Know That’s A Lie.

The White House’s main talking point since Donald Trump announced that he’s pulling the United States out of the only global climate accord ever to be reached is that Trump loves the environment. Really, that’s what they’re saying.

Today, Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross called Trump an “environmentalist”, and said, “I’ve known him for a long time. He’s very pro-environment.” One has to wonder why Wilbur Ross thinks he’s a credible source on who is and who isn’t an environmentalist, given his status as owner of a coal company responsible for spewing out huge amounts of pollution. But, for the time being, let’s focus on Donald Trump – and on the facts.

Is Donald Trump an environmentalist? Well, he’s been famous and fabulously wealthy for his entire life. Off the top of your head, can you think of anything that Donald Trump has done with his considerable cash and connections to protect the environment?

I can’t either.

What about as President? What has Donald Trump done as President to reflect his supposed position as being “very pro-environment”?

Here’s some of what Trump has done on the environment since he became President:

– He’s filled the Cabinet with people who have a history of opposing environmental protections: Wilbur Ross, Rex Tillerson, Ryan Zinke, Jeff Sessions, Sonny Perdue, Tom Price, Ben Carson, Rick Perry, Scott Pruitt and Mike Pence among them

– He’s proposed extreme cuts to almost every environmental protection program that exists at the federal level

– He’s campaigned to eliminate the Clean Power Plan, which protects the environment by shifting the United States away from dependence on dirty fossil fuels

– He’s spoken out against the Clean Water Act

– He’s censored massive amounts of online information about climate change

– He’s instructed departments of the federal government not to respond to requests for information about the environment by Democrats in Congress

– He’s proposed action to increase the amount of pollution emitted by coal mining

– He’s approved plans for massive crude oil pipelines running across America

– He’s opened up new areas for dangerous offshore drilling

– He’s begun the process of removing environmental protections on public lands

– He’s supported administrative action to increase the amount of lead pollution in America’s national wildlife refuges

– He’s signed an executive order allowing power plants to emit more pollution into America’s air

– He’s pulled the United States out of the only global climate accord ever to exist

– He’s not done one single thing to actually increase environmental protections

The record couldn’t be more clear. Donald Trump is the exact opposite of an environmentalist.

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