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Trump Supporter in New York City: “I Wish He Was a Nazi” so that Protester “Wouldn’t Be With Us Anymore”

Above you can see raw video footage I just shot this morning of the one and only pro-Trump counter-protester at New York City’s June 3 March for Truth in Foley Park. In this video, the Trump supporter (waving a Trump 2020 flag) explains why he had just shouted at an anti-Trump protester that he wished President Donald Trump was a Nazi so that he would go after an anti-Trump protester. “She wouldn’t be with us any more if Trump was a Nazi. Well, let’s see. What would Hitler do if someone held up a sign?” the Trump supporter declared when confronted, wagging a finger. “It’s too bad he’s not a Nazi,” the Trump supporter repeated. “What are you going to do about it? What are you going to do about it?

Look at the picture below.  One of these people is holding a sign comparing Donald Trump to a murderous fascist.  The other person is shouting that he wishes Donald Trump were a murderous fascist.  Which one is the problem?  And, to quote this Trump supporter, what are you going to do about it?

Confronted with a Protest Sign Comparing Donald Trump to a Nazi, a Trump supporter in New York City on June 3 2017 shouted "I Wish He Were a Nazi" so that a protester "Wouldn't Be With Us Anymore."

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