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Welcome To All Who Are Not Even People

Last night, Donald Trump’s son went on a nationwide television broadcast to proclaim that those who dare to criticize his father are not human beings. Eric Trump declared, “To me, they’re not even people!”

draco malfoy eric trump separated at birth

Could it be true? Might those of us who criticize Donald Trump not even be people? I went to check with my friends in the resistance, and was shocked to find that Eric Trump is right. We’re not even people.

Consider Barney, with whom I carpooled to protest at the Trump inauguration. I never noticed it before, but it turns out he’s a badger.

anti trump animal

What about the people who organized the Women’s March against Trump? They’re hummingbirds.

inhuman resistance against trump

The scientists who protested in the streets against Donald Trump’s anti-environment stances? They’re salamanders.

amphibians against trump

Eric Trump is so right. We’re not even people. Of course, if Donald Trump is an example of what we can expect from people, we can be proud that Eric Trump doesn’t put us in that category.

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