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Do you remember when people used to say, breathlessly, “Let me show you this new app…” or would happily repeat the catchphrase, “There’s an app for that”?

Now try to remember this: When was the last time you were excited about a new app to be used on your smartphone?

Recently, the biggest news from the world of apps is that Apple has finally agreed to allow people to block requests for app reviews. People are that bored with the apps they use that they don’t even want to be bothered to write a one-sentence review.

Last week, Apple also announced that it’s going to have slightly different organizational tabs at the top of its App Store. Also, the HouseParty app announced that it’s going to add in a text chat feature, to fit in along with the many other apps that already offer text chat functionality. The Pug Chalk Photo Editor added a feature that allows users to request new graphic doodles to place on top of photographs of their dogs, in addition to the doodles that already exist. Google Chrome added a new method for adding a new browser tab, to complement the methods that are already in place for doing that.

These are the top app stories, updates that Mashable is calling “essentials”.

iYawn. Smartphone technology isn’t at all exciting any more. It’s become just another thing to attend to, another way for task masters to keep us on task. It’s an electronic ball and chain, no longer a tool of surprise and delight.

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