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Political Violence Isn’t The Way To Make Political Change

I don’t like the politics of Congressman Steve Scalise.

I like the politics of James Hodgkinson much less.

Steve Scalise is a racist who collaborates with American Nazis and supports policies to strip wealth from working people so that people who are already rich can get even more wealthy. That’s bad.

James Hodgkinson believes that people who disagree with him deserve to die. He didn’t just believe that, either. He actually tried to kill several people, including Steve Scalise, just because they’re Republicans. There’s no comparison between Scalise’s bad politics and Hodgkinson’s lethal politics.

Political assassination isn’t just an violation against the leaders it targets. It’s an assault on liberal American democracy itself. A person who kills elected officials in order to get them out of office is trying to steal power away from the people who voted for those officials.

When James Hodgkinson aimed his rifle and shot at Steve Scalise and others at the Republican baseball practice, he was attempting to use violence to silence the voices of his political opponents. It’s the act of a totalitarian, not a blow struck for freedom. No one is free when people are killed as punishment for their legal political activities.

Opposing Donald Trump and his Republican supporters in Congress is important. However, it’s not important enough to justify an “by any means necessary” embrace of political violence.

Political violence always backfires. James Hodgkinson transformed Steve Scalise from a hateful political into a brave. political martyr. He made the story of a liberal idiot the top news of the day, overshadowing the identification of Donald Trump as a target of the Department of Justice’s special counsel. If there are more attacks such as this, they will contribute to the power of the Republican Party, not diminish it, no matter how many Republican politicians are gunned down.

It would be better to endure a full eight years of Donald Trump as President than to fire a single bullet in the attempt to bring Trump and the Republican Congress down by force.

If we had to choose between Republican government and a violent liberal resistance, the best option would simply be to walk away. Nothing that Donald Trump or any Republican in Congress has ever done justifies a violent attack.

Those who claim to be liberals must be the loudest in the condemnation of the actions of James Hodgkinson. More than any ideology of the Republican Party is wrong, the ideology of political violence embraced by James Hodgkinson is wrong,.

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