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Hundreds Of Advertisers Abandon Breitbart

After the 2016 election, a small group of activists working under the name Sleeping Giants began asking Americans to do something simple to change the toxic tone of bigoted pro-Trump media. They asked people to take note of the companies placing advertisements on the right wing hate site Breitbart, and to ask those companies to remove their Breitbart ads.

Breitbart relies on the money it gets from advertisements to keep going, so if enough advertisers could be convinced to pull their support from the site, it might fold.

As of tonight, 1,734 companies have withdrawn their advertisements from Breitbart. These companies include: Air Canada,, Bed Bath And Beyond, CVS, Dress Barn, Etsy, Frontiers North, Gaiam, Harry & David… you get the idea.

Thanks to this grassroots campaign, Breitbart has lost 80 percent of its advertisers.

There’s still a great deal of work to be done. IBM and Ford, corporations that collaborated with Nazi Germany, are still helping to prop up Breitbart. Amazon is still sending money to Breitbart as well.

We can judge these corporations by the company they keep.

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