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Congressional Republicans Going Soft On Russia

This month, Americans have learned that Russian spies infiltrated boards of election in almost every state in the USA, and practiced changing actual votes in electronic voting systems before the 2016 presidential election. We already knew that Russian spies had attacked American servers in order to steal information that could be used to defeat Hillary Clinton and blackmail Donald Trump – and that Donald Trump’s campaign was in frequent contact with Russian spies in the United States while these attacks to benefit Trump were taking place. Payoffs to Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner by Russians at this time are currently under investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller.

What’s particularly galling is that at the very same time these revelations are taking place, Donald Trump making plans to return to Russia a vast compound in Long Island, used by Vladimir Putin’s dictatorship to conduct spying against the USA, along with an even bigger luxury estate in Maryland.

In response, U.S. Representative Maxine Waters introduced H.R. 2934 in Congress yesterday. This legislation will prevent the massive spy headquarters in Long Island and Maryland from being given to the Russians by Donald Trump… if they can pass the House and Senate. Waters explained, “Those compounds had enjoyed diplomatic immunity, which meant that U.S. law enforcement could not enter and activities that took place there could escape U.S. prosecution. If the reports are true and Donald Trump intends to reverse Obama era punishments for Russia’s meddling in the election as well as Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, then you can be sure that I will fight tooth and nail to stop him.”

In ordinary times, one might expect every single member of Congress to endorse H.R. 2934. These are not ordinary times, however.

Not one single Republican member of Congress has endorsed H.R. 2934. The Republican Party’s leaders are unanimous in standing by while Donald Trump delivers Russia the resources Vladimir Putin needs to interfere in America’s next presidential election.

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