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Republican Party Leaks American Voters’ Data In The Cloud. So, Trump Decides To Put Government Information In The Cloud.

Today in the news is a pair of stories that for most Americans sounds like a contradiction. To the Republican Party, however, it sounds like an opportunity.

We have all known for months now that Russian spies sent by Vladimir Putin hacked political campaigns and the majority of state boards of elections in the United States last year, working to throw the presidential election to Donald Trump. What we didn’t know is that, while that was going on, the Republican National Committee placed electronic surveillance dossiers about almost every voter in America on insecure Amazon cloud servers, where they could be accessed by anyone – American or Russian – without even a password. The deed was done through an IT contracting firm, Deep Root Analytics.

It is not yet known whether the voter data was made vulnerable purposefully or by accident. Whichever is the case, an simple lesson is obvious to almost everybody: Cloud servers are not secure locations for the storage of sensitive information.

A few hours after news about the sharing of Americans’ private information by the Republican National Committee came out, Donald Trump held a meeting with the CEOs of huge digital technology corporations. Accompanying this meeting, the Trump White House released a statement declaring a new plan for cyber security. From now on, the Trumpists said, sensitive federal government information should be stored on cloud servers, like the Amazon cloud servers that shared personal information about every voter in the United States.

Before the meeting, Donald Trump bragged that he would “making it easy for agencies to use the cloud”. He didn’t specify which agencies he was referring to, though… or how many of those agencies might be Russian.

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