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International Yoga Day

Today is International Yoga Day, as formally endorsed by the United Nations, because Om. I can think of no better way to observe International Yoga Day than to observe the full range of silly associated with what people call Yoga – both in favor of it and against it.

On the one hand, there’s the Catholic priest who accuses members of his church of being possessed by demons because they once visited a yoga studio, telling them, “There is a spirit afflicting you that has some kind of affiliation with eastern spirituality, some kind of curse associated with yoga.” (See YOGA: A CAUTIONARY TALE, from the Catholic News Agency, April 25, 2017)

On the other hand, Yoga For The New World cites the 1953 prophecy by George Hunt Williamson declaring that, “the fact that certain cosmic rays bombard the Earth from outside our own Solar System tends to support the idea that our entire Solar System is entering a new possibility area of the Universe. Every phase of Earth life will be greatly influenced–Economics, Religion, Education, Politics, Science, Social life, Medicine, Eating habits, etc. Virtually everything will change, and for the better!” I’m not sure how Donald Trump, income inequality and the surge in Type 2 diabetes fit with Williamson’s prediction.

William Broad says, “There are hundreds and thousands of things that are labeled yoga.”

Rachel Markowitz says that drinking coffee is yoga. “Once the brewing is complete, I find a cozy spot to sip and contemplate the beverage’s unique flavor, texture, warmth and aftertaste. I sometimes draw, write or read during this time, but often sit without thoughts, occasionally noticing how the qualities of the cup change as the coffee slowly cools.”

Self-appointed guru Abraham Hicks promises that his form of Yoga will bring practitioners money, after it makes them happy. “As you allow the Law-based words of our meditation recording to play gently in the background of your mind, your resistance to Well-Being will become less, while your allowing of Well-Being will become more. You have only to remember that, at first, the evidence of your improved state of allowing comes in the form of good-feeling emotions, not in the form of stuff. But eventually the money and the new stuff will come, too,” he says.

YogaLife cites a “geomancer” to explain that “grids in the earth cross like the meridians in the body, creating power spots we might call earth chakras.”

On June 28, the Harpoon Brewery in Boston will “celebrate our yoga glow in the Beer Hall with pints and pretzels!”

The Aetherius Society brags that its “yoga master” founder George King used yoga to communicate with “gods from space”. The Society explains that, “If a genuine Master of yoga, like Dr. King, were to project from the physical body to a higher plane of Venus, he would find a highly advanced spiritual civilization, existing at a frequency of vibration higher than that with which we are familiar on Earth.”

Marketing360 offers 8 Yoga Marketing tips, while MyYogaMix promises a “5 minute yoga butt”.

Yoga By Robin sells YOGAMIX, explaining, “YOGAMIX builds strength and increases flexibility in your body. There is a mental awakening with this type of yoga.” In contradiction, Sri Chinmoy claims that, “In India it is not like that. In India fortunately when we say Bhakti Yoga it means all devotion, devotion, devotion. We don’t care for any kind of mental illumination or mental awakening.”

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