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Homeland Security Plans To Make You Show What Books You’re Reading On The Airplane

The Transportation Security Administration in the Department of Homeland Security has announced that a program that will require everyone at every American airport to show government security officers all of their books before they will be allowed to reach their gates and board a flight.

Homeland Security officials say that the book searches at American airports are necessary, and that allowing travelers to keep their books private puts us all in grave danger of terrorist attack.

The fact is, however, that a result of the supposed security vulnerability caused by keeping our books private, nothing has happened. It has been many, many years since any terrorists even made an attempt to launch an attack using an airport in the United States. There has never ever been even a single instance of a terrorist slipping weapons through airport security by using books. The Department of Homeland Security has not identified any specific terrorist threat to the United States involving books.

The chance of any American flight being taken over by terrorists using books is practically zero. It’s a plain violation of the 4th Amendment’s guarantee of protection from unreasonable search and seizure for the government to force us to show our books to its agents whenever we seek to travel by air.

A protest is clearly called for – something that brings our opposition to where the violations are taking place.

airport security book tsa scandalIf the Department of Homeland Security wants to force us to show all our books to government agents, I suggest that we carry large numbers of books whenever we go to the airport, and choose a specific type of book to show to the TSA when it makes its demand.

Take a copy of 1984 out of your carry on bag, and put it in its own bin.

Then, send a copy of Right To Privacy by Ellen Alderman through the scanner.

Next, grab a bin for the book I’ve Seen You Naked: A Navigational Guide To Airport Security.

Patiently place a copy of Full Body Scam: The Naked View of Current Airport Security on the conveyor belt.

Then, hold up a copy of the book Homeland Security Scams so the TSA agents and your fellow travelers can see it, before sending it through.

Add a copy of The Watchers: The Rise of America’s Surveillance State to the procession of books going through the scanner.

Pull out the book Protecting Privacy in Surveillance Societies by David H. Flaherty, and place it face up in yet another bin.

Finally, send a copy of Paranoid: Exploring Suspicion from the Dubious to the Delusional through the security scanner.

When the Homeland security state demands to see what you’re reading, show them what you’ve got.

One thought on “Homeland Security Plans To Make You Show What Books You’re Reading On The Airplane”

  1. Toby Dwyer says:

    You may risk being strip searched and “probed” for the insolence though. Happened to a friend of mine who teased airport security over 20 years ago.

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