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The Old Technology Of Singularity University

The digital elites at Singularity University claim that we are all rushing toward an event called the Singularity. The Singularity, they say, will occur when advances in technology begin to happen at such a rapid pace that no one can predict what will happen next. All that Singularity believers know is that it’s going to change everything.

The Singularity University is charging corporate executives big fees to educate them about what will happen in this unpredictable future.

As with most apocalyptic cults, the Singularity University makes widely varying predictions about exactly when the digital rapture will take place.

Faith in the Singularity is strong enough to withstand persistent signs that technology isn’t actually close to changing at a reality-shattering pace. Among these signs are images provided by the Singularity University itself, where, as the photograph below shows, people are still holding seminars in person, using the old analog technology of words on paper, some of them written with “magic” markers, while presenters are forced to hold microphones to be heard, because the acoustic design of Singularity University.

singularity university uses old technology

It looks like the microchips aren’t ready to be implanted in our brains yet.

Look closely. One of those pieces of paper at that Singularity University seminar predicts “In Home Care Robot (AI) Kills Person”. Good times ahead!

killer robot

Can anyone make out what additional words the Singularity people crossed out on that sheet of paper, so that no one could read them?

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