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Satan Pierces The Agenda Of Congress With Darts

Congress has a lot of work to do. Republicans haven’t been able to advance coherent health care reform legislation. There’s no progress on the federal government budget. Congress has done nothing to deal with the worsening crisis of climate change, and has not taken action to deal with the economic inequality that pervades American life.

So, when the House of Representatives met yesterday, there were many substantial pieces of legislation that could have been placed on the agenda.

Instead, the House of Representatives invited a preacher from San Diego to perform a religious ritual, and give a speech about Satan playing darts. Skyline Church preacher Dan C. Cummings stood before the elected representatives of districts across the United States, and told them, “O, may we live above that world where Satan’s darts forever hurl and in one voice make a joyful sound, the song of saints on higher, holy ground.”

Satan playing darts? Is this really the best material that the Republican Congress can come up with?

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