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Why We Can Blame Hillary Clinton For Donald Trump’s Failures As President

This week, when White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked to provide a White House statement about the news that Paul Manafort, Donald Trump Jr., and Jared Kushner sought a meeting with a Russian lawyer in order to obtain documents from the Russian dictatorship of Vladimir Putin containing negative information about Hillary Clinton, she gave a bizarre response. “Frankly, I think something that may make sense is looking at the Democrat National Committee coordinated opposition research,” Sanders said.

What does the Democratic National Committee have to do with the Trump for President campaign’s collusion with the Russian government’s attack against the United States? The connections may be more strange than Republicans are willing to acknowledge.

Ever since Donald Trump was inaugurated as President of the United States, Republicans have blamed Hillary Clinton for almost everything that’s gone wrong for Trump. Right wing lawyer Kayleigh McEnany recently wrote that, “it’s Hillary Clinton who colluded with Russia”.

People who pay close attention to reality will note a small problem with such GOP storylines blaming Hillary Clinton for Donald Trump’s disastrous presidency. Clinton isn’t President, has never been President, and has not even been Secretary of State for several years. She is only a private citizen, and has no power to make Donald Trump make an unceasing line of stupid decisions.

Or does she?

This morning, I found a startling government document that could blow off the Hillary Clinton deep state conspiracy to make Donald Trump seem like a blithering idiot. Read it for yourself:

2019 tshirt Wisconsin

This document shows that, to help the Hillary Clinton for President campaign in 2016, the AFL-CIO paid American Unions Embroidery and Screening Printing, Inc $91.31. This donation was made, however, on November 1, 2019 – two and a half years in the future. It seems weird, but this is an official document certified by the Federal Election Commission.

There’s only one logical interpretation: Starting in the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton began using independent expenditures to gain financial support for her campaign from mysterious donors in the future. The Democratic Party, including Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, have mastered the secrets of time travel! How else could tshirts used a year ago have been purchased over two years from now?

When Kayleigh McEnany declared that Hillary Clinton is the one to have colluded with Russia, it appeared not to make any sense. Once we understand that Hillary Clinton and her Democratic rivals routinely engage in time travel, however, we can understand that Hillary Clinton really has colluded with Russia – in the future! When Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters to look at Democratic National Committee opposition research in order to understand why three top officials from the Trump for President campaign colluded with agents of the Russian government, she was clearly trying to give reporters a tip about the Democratic time machine conspiracy. The journalists were just too dense to get it.

Hillary Clinton is to blame for every stupid thing that Donald Trump does, because she is President, or will be in the future, and is coming back in time to plant fake evidence making it appear that Trump and his advisers colluded with Russian attacks against the United States.

It’s the only explanation that makes sense… unless you are willing to go along with the crazy story that the evidence indicating that Donald Trump and his top aides worked with Russian spies to undermine American democracy is genuine.

What kind of gullible idiot would believe that fake news?

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