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Advisory Sticker: Amazon Selling Every Conversation Held In This Home

Amazon has announced that it is planning to sell transcripts of the recordings of conversations recorded on its Echo devices and other devices that use its Alexa voice-activated digital assistant. Amazon Echo is placed in the home and constantly records and transcribes EVERYTHING that it hears. So, this announcement lets us know that Amazon may soon be selling transcripts of every single private conversation that’s held in homes where its Amazon Echo devices are located.

People have the right to place these automated spies in their homes, I suppose, but visitors to these homes deserve to know that every word they say may be recorded and sold to corporate shills by Amazon. That’s what this advisory sticker is for. If you’ve got an Amazon device that uses the Alexa digital assistant, place this warning sticker on your front door to advise them: “Transcripts of conversations in this home are being sold to corporate shills.”

Amazon Echo spying advisory

The sticker is a good first step. More steps are called for, though.

You wouldn’t allow a human assistant to follow you around with an audio recorder, gathering digital files of everything that you say, writing transcripts of that material, and selling that to organizations who seek to use the information to manipulate your behavior. A person who does that kind of thing isn’t an assistant. Such a person is a spy.

If you wouldn’t accept this activity from a human being, why would you accept it from an electronic device?

It’s time to fire Alexa.

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