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Half Of House Democrats Join Trump GOP In Passing Crazy Space Corps Military Spending Bill

At the very end of last week, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 2810, a bill giving the U.S. military a huge spending increase that’s tens of billions of dollars higher than even what Donald Trump requested earlier this year. The Senate appears ready to follow the reckless approach of the House, having introduced a military super-waste bill from John McCain last week.

Military wasteThe House military budget includes money to create a new military command called the Space Corps, which would be dedicated to establishing American military control over outer space – a project with spending possibilities that are literally almost infinite. Yes, it’s actually called the Space Corps. Why does America need a Space Corps?

The legislation says that the Space Corps have the responsibility of “deterring aggression in, from, and through space; providing combat-ready space forces that enable the commanders of the combatant commands to fight and win wars; organizing, training, and equipping space forces; and conducting space operations of the Space Corps under the command of the Commander of the United States Space Command.”

Deterring aggression in, from, nod through space?!? There hasn’t been any military threat from outer space. Extraterrestrials are not invading. The Space Command project is merely an opportunity for members of Congress to funnel money to corporations that have been providing extravagant gifts of independent expenditures to those politicians. H.R. 2810 explicitly states that other branches of the military besides the Space Corps will be allowed spend lots of money to train to fight wars in outer space against aliens from other planets – just to keep the military redundancy flowing.

The military spending bill also provides money for 17 F-35 jet fighters above and beyond what the Pentagon has already ordered, even though, after decades of development, the F-35 still doesn’t work. Corporate military contractors have yet to provide a single functional F-35, but has taken mountains of federal money for the boondoggles anyway – at a cost far above what was originally promised. The F-35 has resulted in nothing but the loss of one and a half trillion dollars, and counting.

The House bill violates the terms of sequestration, the deal under which domestic spending for vital social needs was slashed with the promise that military spending would be cut too. Promise broken.

What’s especially disappointing is that it wasn’t just congressional Republicans who voted in favor of this massive military waste. 117 congressional Democrats jumped ship to join the Trump Republicans in approving the bloated military budget. Only 73 House Democrats had the integrity to vote against it.

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