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Trump White House Encourages Companies To Manufacture Overseas

This was the week that Donald Trump promised would be dedicated to expanding manufacturing in the USA. Yesterday, however, the Trump White House advocated exactly the opposite. It took place at a White House news conference that you won’t see on television, because Press Secretary Sean Spicer demanded that all the cameras be turned off.

A reporter asked Spicer, “I’m wondering whether you can tell us if Made in America Week will include the Trump organization or Ivanka Trump brands committing to stop manufacturing wares abroad.”

Huge numbers of items sold by Donald Trump and by White House Aide and First Daughter Ivanka Trump are manufactured in foreign countries with authoritarian governments where workers are routinely abused and paid extremely low wages, and where factories spew monumental amounts of pollution into the air and water.

Sean Spicer wouldn’t address those concerns, however, saying that it would be “inappropriate” to discuss the abuses in foreign factories that supply the businesses run by the President and one of his top aides.

Then, Spicer actually justified the use of overseas sweatshops by American corporations, saying that the Made in America label just isn’t practical. “In some cases, there are certain supply chains or scalability that may not be available in this country,” Spicer said.

What are the supply chains that aren’t available to greedy corporations here in the USA? They’re supply chains involving slavery. They’re supply chains controlled by totalitarian governments that squash democracy in order to keep manufacturing costs down. They’re supply chains that expose workers to deadly toxins, force them to work in dehumanizing conditions, and pay them pennies per day. Those supply chains help American corporations achieve remarkable scalability by sacrificing human lives.

Smack dab in the middle of Made In America Week, that’s the kind of exploitation that Donald Trump and his top aides are engaged in.

Sean Spicer believes that Americans won’t notice the hypocrisy if he can just keep the cameras turned off in the White House press room.

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