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Republican Congress Votes To Kill 80,000 Americans

Yesterday, the Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives voted to pass H.R. 806, which has the official name of the Ozone Standards Implementation Act, but would more accurately be called the Deadly Gas Proliferation Act.

You see, 10,000 Americans die every year as a consequence of exposure to ozone pollution. H.R. 806 prevents the implementation of air pollution standards designed to reduce ozone pollution for 8 years.

That’s 80,000 Americans who will die as a result of the passage of H.R. 806.

Actually, that estimate is conservative. H.R. 806 will create even more deaths by helping corporate polluters to evade detection by delaying EPA reviews of air quality standards for five years. If you’ve got a manufacturing plant spewing toxic gases into your neighborhood, the House Republicans figure that you can wait an extra five years before anybody tries to do something about it.

Republicans justified the vote by saying that allowing deadly pollutants to float through the air protects jobs. Even if that’s true, dead people don’t benefit from the availability of jobs.

If Republicans truly believe that allowing tens of thousands of Americans to die of exposure to toxic pollution protects jobs, why don’t they stimulate the economy even more by passing a bill reintroducing lead in gasoline and abolishing sewers?

Almost every Republican in the U.S. House voted for this deadly legislation. Four Democrats crossed the aisle to join the Republicans in approving the Deadly Gas Proliferation Act. These pro-pollution Democrats were: Collin Peterson, Sanford Bishop, Jim Costa, and Henry Cuellar.

One thought on “Republican Congress Votes To Kill 80,000 Americans”

  1. Warren K. Bell says:

    Pitiful. They probably say they are Christians. They are acting more like their brother’s crypt holder and closer.

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