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The Russian Trump Bear Statue Of Iron Mountain Michigan

Generations ago, when the wealth of the United States was measured in natural resources like beaver pelts and timber, people built giant statues to represent the times. They erected statues of Paul Bunyan and his blue ox Babe that can still be seen along north woods roadsides from Oregon to Michigan.

Where are the monuments to the power of our own times. In Iron Mountain, Michigan, we may see the first iteration of a new trend: The Trump bear.

Trump Russian Bear Michigan statue

In 2017 America, the dominant political animal isn’t the Democratic donkey or the Republican elephant. It’s the Russian bear. In 2016, top aides from Donald Trump’s presidential campaign repeatedly met with representatives of the Russian government at the same time that the Russian government was attacking the United States, aiming to ensure the election of Trump and the defeat of Hillary Clinton.

Every day seems to bring shocking news of this scandal. This week, we’ve learned that Donald Trump recently held a secret meeting with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, that Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions met multiple times with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in order to discuss Russian help with the Trump campaign, and that top Trump aides Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort are financially dependent upon the Kremlin. Donald Trump is now declaring in public that he has the “complete power to pardon” people in his administration who committed crimes to help the Russians attack America – and has discussed pardoning himself.

Donald Trump is thickly connected with the Russian bear, and an emblem of this corrupt relationship has popped up in the upper peninsula of Michigan. In between the towns of Iron Mountain and Vulcan, the giant roadside statue of a bear has been painted with one powerful name: Donald Trump.

Adding symbolism to the Russian Trump bear statue is its setting, right in front of a business storefront, a pawn shop that preys upon the vulnerability of impoverished Americans and accepts stolen goods.

Pawn shop michigan bear

An extra thick layer of symbolic meaning: The pawn shop next to the Russian Trump bear has gone out of business, and is available for rent once again.

For Rent Vulcan Trump bear Russian

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