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The Boy Scouts Have Always Been Right Wing Nationalists

Yesterday, Donald Trump gave a blatantly partisan political speech before the national meeting of the Boy Scouts. The scouts and their adult pack leaders loved it, giving loud applause over and over again.

Trump slammed Hillary Clinton, and the Boy Scouts roared their approval. He accused journalists of telling “fake news”, and the Boy Scouts rose to their feet, cheering. He told that the polls showing record breaking opposition to his presidency are “fake”, and the Boy Scouts clapped their hands. Donald Trump declared that he’s going to use the power of the federal government to force Americans to worship God and celebrate Christmas, and the Boy Scouts applauded.

Some people are writing that Trump’s speech was a shocking abuse of the Boy Scouts of America. The truth, however, is that Trump’s speech was in accord with the politics of the Boy Scouts. Yesterday, the Boy Scouts behaved like a bunch of right wing nationalists at a Trump rally because that’s who they are. The Boy Scouts of America has been a right wing nationalist group throughout its history.

Throughout its history, the Boy Scouts has been an organization that celebrates exclusion and discrimination. The Boy Scouts’ refusal to include gay boys became infamous in recent decades, but that’s not at all the Scouts’ only discrimination. Throughout its history, the Boy Scouts has been closed to non-religious Americans. Its sexism is written within its very name.

The Boy Scouts of America supported racial segregation from the beginning of its history, declaring that local Boy Scouts groups would be racially segregated if that’s what their local communities wanted. Boy Scouts still openly mock Native Americans, creating fake sacred regalia and rituals that mimic native traditions without any genuine cultural understanding.

The Boy Scouts were organized as a paramilitary organization as part of a global movement that included German children’s paramilitaries that eventually morphed into the Hitler Youth. The Boy Scouts promotes conformity and obedience to authority, with its uniforms, salutes, and oaths of loyalty. The Boy Scouts of America is used as a feeder organization to the military, providing children who are used to a military system authority, making its Eagle Scouts prime targets for recruiters.

The Boy Scouts’ embrace of Donald Trump’s hateful extremism yesterday only brings out into the open what has always been plain: The Boy Scouts of America has always been dedicated to right wing nationalism.

8 thoughts on “The Boy Scouts Have Always Been Right Wing Nationalists”

  1. Al Hopfmann says:

    I eagerly await your articles on motherhood, apple pie, and baby kittens.

    1. ProfRGP says:

      All good questions, Mr. Hopfmann!

      1. Jon sanders says:

        Until now I have never viewed Burger King as a subversive godless organization, but this article got me to wondering. How many more of these so-called cultural monuments are out there waiting to be exposed.

  2. Juniper says:

    The Boy Scouts are a disgusting, abusive organization that represents the worst of this country.

    1. Al Hopfmann says:

      Perhaps you are confusing them with the National Education Association.

      1. Juniper says:

        … Says the alternative reality in which preparing little boys to go fight in war is wholesome, while teaching them how to read and write is dangerous and radical. Sure, Al. Sure.

        1. Jon sanders says:

          Well, you think the Boy Scouts are a fascist war-mongoring operation get a copy of the bylaws of the Brownies (a subset of the Girl Scouts of America). Will make your eyes water.

        2. Al Hopfmann says:

          NEA consistently promotes inferior reading programs and has been the leader in the “dumbing down” of America.

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