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Trump EPA Destructor Scott Pruitt Plans To Decide Climate Change Science With Political Debate

This week, it was confirmed that last year was the hottest year on record. Also this week, a report from scientists across 13 government agencies confirmed that America is already suffering from dramatic impacts of climate change.

In reaction to these developments, Scott Pruitt, the man hired by Donald Trump to destroy the Environmental Protection Agency, announced that he plans to cast aside all scientific studies, which he called “so-called settled science”. In place of actual scientific consideration of actual scientific studies, Pruitt declared that he will convene a debate “where we bring red-team scientists in and blue-team scientists in and ask the question, ‘what do we know?’, ‘what don’t we know about this issue?'”

In other words, Scott Pruitt wants government-sponsored political brawls in the style of CNN Crossfire to replace scientific research. Under Pruitt, the people who shout the loudest will get to determine what facts are true and what facts are false.

In the political culture established by Donald Trump, yelling about what the truth is may now seem mainstream, but that’s not how science works.

In genuine scientific organizations, there are not red-team scientists and blue-team scientists. The minute a person allows their political beliefs to dictate the results of their research, that person is no longer a scientist. That person is a propagandist.

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